E-Tivity 9.2


Some of you have already spent many years as instructional designers. You will have seen changes in the types of educational media being used and the style of delivery and design being used. Those of you who haven’t worked as instructional designers will no doubt have engaged with instructional design materials throughout your education and perhaps now you see some of those materials through different eyes. For this final e-tivity I invite you to reflect on the past and project into the future.

To consider the future of instructional design.

Revisit some of the readings for this unit.

  1. What, if anything, surprised or challenged your preconceptions in this topic?
  2. Were there any ideas presented which altered your vision of what instructional design might look like in the future?
  3. Try to describe what vision you feel your organisation might have for training and development activities in the year 2020. Try to be optimistic but at the same time realistic.

This topic is very similar to what I have been studying for the past 4 years, lesson and unit planning with the integration of technology. The delivery of the content, however, was more engaging as we had to create a blog and utilise Web 2.0 tools and other creative digital resources.  I very much enjoyed viewing the other student blogs and they highlight how we all are such different learners with the design and responses to e-tivities.  Also, being able to create a resource and reflect on the purpose and design process is a good assessment activity. One area I didn’t enjoy was the readings as they were repetitive and for me very disengaging. This surprised me as normally I enjoy the research side of things. I am at the very end of my degree so perhaps it is because I have had enough of reading full stop!

Moving on, I don’t see any real change to ID in the future except for modifications to allow for immersive online learning which is already beggining to occurr as I write. I have been working with virtual worlds for a while now and the use of the SCU virtual island as a meeting place for external students to have a ‘physical’ presence during a virtual tutorial for instance has been almost non-existent. To me as the rise of MOOC’s increases there will certainly be a need for universities to develop engaging and immersive forms of content delivery and not just another online quizz or discussion board post.

Thinking about the Department of Education and the delivery of training and development activities in 2020 and what this might look like is a challenging task. They already have Adobe Connect Techie Brekkie’s on Wednesday mornings that we can connect to and there is a multitude of online PL through the department portal that we can access in our own time.  a number of teachers across NSW/Vic/NT/Tasmania, including myself, now meet up regularly within a virtual Minecraft world on our own server to share ideas, build units of work together (utilising Google +, Mumble for voice and Google Docs) and reflect, learn and just have fun. I think as the department realises how connected we can be through virtual online presence there might be more of that perhaps but otherwise they are moving ahead quite nicely as they cope with the enormous amount of change within a digitally connected world.


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