E-Tivity 9.1


4 thoughts on “E-Tivity 9.1

  1. Kate I love this. You really do practice what we have learnt! I think I will download this app and have a play – now I have finally finished my course!!!

  2. You blow my mind! I feel as though you have it all together. Even the way you explain current flexibility in your workplace is so ahead of my own that I wander if I will ever get to that level. Thank you for sharing your experience, as it gives me hope as to what I can see for my own future (perhaps). 🙂

  3. I fully agree with the comments from Narelle and Kylie. At the beginning of this unit I was finding it challenging but also knew that technology is opening so many possiblities in education. Someone once told when me that it is when you step out of your comfort zone the magic can happen. Your story is example this and has inspired me.

  4. Thank you all for your comments and yes Tammy it is when you step outside your comfort zone that learning really occurs… a bit like Vygotsky and his Zone of Proximal development. I took a leap of faith when I joined a group to use virtual worlds for an assignment but truly have not looked back. Nonetheless, I still love being outside with students and traditional teaching. I LOVE just sitting with them and reading a book chapter or having a discussion that just grows into something bigger Technology is simply an extra tool that I use to enrich various elements of lesson delivery and design and we are so lucky to have so many wonderful digital resources at our fingertips.

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