E-tivity 5.1

Find 5 examples of technology that you could use in your teaching. Create a link to them and/or post an image on your blog. Write a brief summary of what the technology is and how you could use it or perhaps why you wouldn’t use it.


I use Edmodo with my PLN of teachers for professional learning and collaborative project design with teachers from overseas but have yet to use it with my students.

Book Creator is a simple app to create e-books on the iPad and then share them across apple devices. PC users using Chrome can download the Readium app to the browser to read the books.
I own both Apple and Windows devices and I teach in the public system. 85% of computers in the classroom are PCs and they do not use Chrome therefore I won’t be using this tool at the moment as I can achieve a nicer product using Youblisher. Even though we have iPads the issue is accessibility to view the e-books.


Twitter is a social media tool for sharing information in 140 characters or less. I was introduced to Twitter in 2011 as a tool to develop a professional learning network and it has been outstanding. I do not use it for regular chit chat and am always a ‘teacher’ when using it. I have made brilliant professional connections with school leaders and other educators worldwide who all have a passion or best practices in education.
I would love to use it in the classroom and a number of schools already do as a tool for English to develop digital literacy and really develop specific writing skills as you need to make every word count using Twitter! They have been used as a medium to develop character studies for historical projects also.


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